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    This course provides access to our weekly webinar that introduces the Digital Research Alliance of Canada's national systems providing an overview of available systems and basic usage information including job submission and management, queuing policies, available software, and how to get support.

  • Webinar: Tuesdays 2pm to 3pm (Eastern Time)

    • This file contains the slides presented in the webinar.

    • Time: Most Tuesdays from 2pm to 3pm (Eastern Time) (see the calendar)

      Click this link to attend our weekly webinar (which uses Zoom). If you run into problems, please email It is highly recommended that you join a few minutes early to ensure everything is working before the meeting starts.

      NOTE: In order to connect to our Zoom sessions, we also require Zoom registration. This means you must also log in to your own Zoom account (in your web browser or Zoom app) in order to connect to our Zoom video link.

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