SHARCNET Summer School 2020

The SHARCNET Summer School on Advanced Research Computing (ARC) is an annual educational event for graduate/undergraduate students, postdocs and researchers who are engaged in compute-intensive research. These schools are FREE and provide beginner-to-intermediate level courses on a wide range of subjects, from traditional high performance computing to data science, machine learning, and popular languages (Python, Julia etc.); they also include domain-specific courses.

In past years, this event was run in person (5 days, three parallel streams) on one of SHARCNET campuses, but this year it will be run entirely online, due to COVID-19 pandemic. It will start on May 19 as a single stream event and will last until mid-June. The courses are between 1 and 3 days long, and consist of live Zoom lecturing sessions interleaved with live Zoom hands-on sessions. The classes start at 9:00am EDT, and end at 5:00pm EDT (with multiple breaks).

Preparing for Summer School

  • To take a full advantage of the courses, you will need a computer (PC or laptop), and reasonably good internet connection (ideally, 10 mbit/s or better).
  • You will also need a headset with (optionally) a microphone. Please test the headset before the school.
  • We will be using Zoom for both lecturing and hands on exercises. Zoom can be used from a browser, but it usually works better when installed as an app. Please create a Zoom account and test Zoom app before the summer school.
Summer School Registration
Enrolling in a Course
Unenrolling in a Course

To enroll in any of the courses listed below, do the following:

  • click the name of the course,
  • scroll down to the bottom of the page for that course, click the "Enroll me" button.

If the course is full, you may choose to add yourself to the waiting list. When someone drops from the course and a vacancy becomes available, you will be added to the course and will receive a notification by email.

To unenroll yourself from a course you registered in, do the following:

  • Go to the course's main page that you are registered in by clicking the course's link.
  • Click the "gear" icon at the top-right hand side of the main course screen.
  • Click the "Unenroll" link.